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SimShaker Sound Module software license


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This is an add-on for SimShaker for Aviators by f4l0 software, providing output to bass-shakers. A dedicated sound output device is required.

Supported PC titles: DCS World, MS Flight Simulator X, MS Flight Simulator 2020, Prepar3D, X-Plane 11/12

This add-on can not be used with SimShaker - Wings software, which features its own output to bass-shakers

To get the license key please enter an activation string from the Sound Module installed on your PC into the customization field below so I could generate the key for you.

The key may be tied to your Microsoft account email address (if you've got one) or to your PC network interface parameters. If you change or reinstall the network interface, reinstall or heavily update the operating system, etc., you may need the key to be re-generated. If the old key doesn't work, please send me the actual activation string to get the new key

System requirements

  • Operating System Windows 7 or higher;
  • Dedicated sound output device;
  • .Net Framework 4.7.2 or higher installed;

You can download software installer here.

I will issue the license key within 12 hours since your payment (that's not automated, I'm sorry).

Please check your order details on this website if you haven't got the key by email.

The software is provided "as is". I do not accept any liability for your hardware or/and other software state.

I strongly recommend to try out compatibility with your hardware in Demo mode, as described in Sound Module User Guide, before you buy the item. Software payments in this e-shop are not refundable.